Development Status and Development Trend of CNC Machining Tool Market in 2018

2019-06-01 10:42:15

In the NC machining process, cutting is a common process. Generally, industrial cutting tools are used to complete the cutting work. These tools usually have alloy cutting tools, super hard tools, super hard materials and coating technology. Tools; In recent years, the CNC machining tool industry produced by Chinese companies has made great progress. Both large-scale and complete specifications have made great breakthroughs, which greatly satisfied the market demand of the mold manufacturing industry.

Objectively speaking, due to factors such as the Sino-US trade war, this year's economic situation is not good. As a sourcing company, we are looking for ways to reduce costs and improve production efficiency. Long-life and affordable cutting tools are favored. . The economic situation is grim, and it has some impact on all walks of life, but the demand for enterprises is still stable. When companies choose tools, they put more stringent requirements on accuracy. Besides seeing whether the quality of the finished products is completed, it will also be able to achieve on the basis of cost reduction. Higher product profit.

What are the common knives currently on the market?

There are many types of CNC tools, many specifications, and a large number. In the market, there are milling cutters, boring tools, reamers, drills, turning tools and broaches.

Which areas will apply CNC tools?

They are widely used in high-hardness and high-strength cutting industries, such as precision machining technology, automotive, energy, motorcycle industry, automotive and electronic information technology.

The service consciousness of the tool enterprise should shift from the tool itself to the entire value chain of the workpiece to minimize the production cost of the customer. For the customer, the first concern when purchasing CNC tools is quality, then price, so the CNC tool industry should do better in terms of versatility, stability and precision.

PCD diamond single-edge milling cutter like Foxconn benchmark introduces equipment imported from developed countries, uses super-resistant wear-resistant raw materials such as ultra-micro PCD diamond, beautiful and novel shape structure, high precision, strong hardness and prompt delivery, and is well received by many enterprises. favorite. These CNC knives have become important processing tools for 3C electronics, automotive, and mold industries.

Although the innovative R&D capabilities of domestic CNC tools are insufficient, many Chinese-style products are still based on imitation and lack of innovative R&D capabilities. After the Sino-US trade war this year, governments and producers have realized that if core technologies are over-reliant on developed countries, China will lose its development dominance. With the advancement of China Manufacturing 2025, China's CNC tool companies should continue to lay a solid foundation, increase independent research and development efforts, levy market demand, and develop tool products that are easy to use, durable and affordable, and improve domestic cutting. Tool market share.